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We do what no one else thinks is possible. Building what isn't expected that can do the impossible.

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Custom building of suspensions, brakes and just about anything else that will demand the respect of others.


Either installing a suspension package or a custom combo of spec built, we can build the perfect handling vehicle for you.


Often overlooked, until you need them. We can take your factory brakes and upgrade to what 'really' fits your car and needs.

Product Design

Can't find what you really want for your car? I've had the same problem, so I build it. Custom built product design in the R&D area.


We host several events for driver training. From the notive to the expect, covering your car and car physics.


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1968 GMC Suburban Project

August 2016- Project completed! It took longer than expected, but the results were far better than expected.  After finding out that the motor had never been broke in and the transmission never tested, the owner was still able to drive it all the way home more that 50 miles from […]


Amazing clean, rust free metal

Update of the Big Girl project, driver side quarters are completely rust free and pretty straight overall.  It’s hard to believe that 40 plus old metal is in such good condition.  Still haven’t decided on a final color, but there is still plenty of time to make that choice.  Black […]


AKA “Big Girl” Project Continues

The color selection is officially over… and the engine bay has been finished.  Looks really good if I say so myself… Door jams are painted and now it time to get all that fiberglass ready for paint and installation. Big Girl is all stripped down and ready for some sand […]


Angry Cars is an official sponsor of the Arkansas Gumball Rally

Angry Cars has joined up with the Gumball Rally and will be an official sponsor for 2016.  That means Angry Cars will be giving away one free entry to a team… Who should be given this free entry to the event? Find more information about the event on the Facebook […]


The original Angry Car, AKA “Big Girl” – Engine removal

Well, the “Big Girl” has the motor and transmission finally out and on the stands.  With the flex-plate bolts busted off in the torque convertor, there wasn’t too many options of what to do.  The real question is what will I do with the motor now that it’s out of […]


We are just getting started…

2016 is going to be a big year for Angry Cars.  The plan is to create a monthly YouTube video to either share tips and tricks or education on some specific topics as we build some really exciting cars.  We will also have car review videos as we provide training […]